Case Results

  • Client relieved of $128,000 of debt.
    Client relieved of $128,000 of debt. Our law firm won Motion to dismiss case arguing 3 year statute of limitations concerning medical debt: Client was sued for $128,000.00 by the NYS Attorney General’s office on behalf of Stony Brook for Dates of service in 2017. We argued CPLR § 213-d should be applied retroactively and the statute of limitation should be 3 years. The State argued it should be 6 years. In his decision, Hon. Paul M Hensley accepted our arguments and held that CPLR § 213-d should be applied retroactively. The Court granted our motion to dismissed and the State’s action and complaint against our client was dismissed.
  • Banking Restraint and judgment Lifted for lack of service and for unlawfully restraining banking account

    Our law firm was able to successfully vacate a banking restraint and judgment entered on default in the amount of $92,938.00.

  • Successfully Vacated Judgment in the amount of $60,000.00 and Action Discontinued:

    In this case, Client was in the process of closing on the sale of her property. She spent her life working and was looking to sell her home and retire in another state. However, the title report listed a default judgment in the amount of $60,000.00. Client was never served and never received notice of the action.

  • Surprise/Emergency Bill Dismissed and Client Completely Released of Obligation of Paying $42,963.45

    In Tech Medical Office v. Agosto, Index No.: 603725/2020, our client was transported to the emergency room at a local hospital and underwent an emergency diagnostic laparoscopy and a laparoscopy appendectomy. At the time of the emergency services, our client had full healthcare coverage. Plaintiff healthcare provider sought reimbursement from the healthcare carrier and filed a number of appeals and was eventually denied benefits for being out of network. Then plaintiff then improperly sent surprise bills ov

  • Client Completely Released From Paying Emergency and Surprise Medical Bill In the amount of $40,088.10

    In this case, our Client’s child received emergency medical services since he went into anaphylactic shock. The child was transported to Southside Hospital, but then airlifted to Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

  • Successfully Vacated $11,339.57 Judgment and action Dismissed

    Successfully Vacated $11,339.57 Judgment and action Dismissed for lack of service after Traverse Hearing: Always update your address with the DMV; under CPLR 308 (2), you must serve at place of abode, dwelling place of place of employment; not last known address - Consumer Rights And Consumer Debt Defense