With over 20 years of competent legal service to his clients, Attorney Gregory Goodman zealously represents his clients with thorough research, open and regular communication, and a commitment to their best interests. With an aggressive approach and constant attention to the small details of a case, he has earned a reputation among clients as the advocate clients can trust. With the Law Office of Gregory A. Goodman, P.C. on your side, you will have access to your attorney and receive personalized representation. Each of our clients is treated with respect as we offer the guidance and attention for which we are known. 

The Law Office of Gregory A. Goodman, P.C. is dedicated to providing you all with the professional support and legal representation you need. Our attorneys prepare each case as if we are trying the case to verdict before a jury. We do not farm out our cases to other attorneys, instead opting to meticulously build, cultivate, and prepare your case in the manner you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • During these proceedings, the law requires that the insurance carrier help you and any other victims get help for your injuries. The only way they can avoid paying out a settlement is by demonstrating your claim is fraudulent, which they often try to do. You can improve your chances at a good outcome by having evidence ready that proves your side of the story.

    This includes:

    • Police reports
    • Photographs of the accident and surrounding circumstances
    • Medical documentation of your injuries
  • Yes. If you want to be reimbursed for medical costs, you are required by law to appear. However, you do not have to appear alone. The Law Office of Gregory A. Goodman, P.C. can represent you during your EUO to help you avoid making any statements that would injure your ability to obtain full and fair compensation.
  • No. Splitting fees with a management company is not a crime. In 2015, an insurance carrier tried to withhold payment of a provider’s medical fees by claiming that their management agency—which collected 6% of their total costs—was not medical staff. This was an attempt to argue that the healthcare provider was committing fraud, but the court ruled against the insurance carrier.
  • The goal of no-fault insurance is to make sure all victims of an accident are cared for, regardless of who caused the accident. This means the insurance policy should cover medical costs and hospitalization fees, lost wages, and any funeral expenses incurred.
  • Property owners are expected to keep their premises safe. If you injured yourself in a slip and fall accident, you need to prove that the owner likely knew about the dangerous area, failed to repair it, and failed to warn people about the dangerous condition. Photo evidence is crucial, as well as proof of the owner’s awareness of the defect and their failure to repair it. It also helps to have a Long Island personal injury lawyer on your side who can help you establish a strong case for compensation for your injuries.

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